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Versatile Porcelain Enameled
Steel Panels.

As we continue pushing the boundaries of innovation and functionality, our expertise has expanded from merely coils and sheets to a sophisticated range of porcelain-enameled steel panels. These panels synthesize steel's robust strength and the limitless possibilities of creative design, positioning them as an ideal solution for various applications.

Originating from our foundational porcelain-enameled steel coils, these panels are not merely products but a canvas for architectural and design work. The distinctiveness of our panels lies in the versatile substrates available, from the organic warmth of wood cement to the steadfast durability of calcium silicate to the moisture-resistant qualities of MDF and fiberboard. This selection empowers you to tailor your choice to your project's functional needs and aesthetic desires.

We meticulously incorporate aluminum or zinc balancers into our panels, ensuring stability and aesthetic harmony. This level of craftsmanship guarantees that the panels will exhibit an exceptional appearance and deliver outstanding performance over time.

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Each panel is tailored to meet diverse needs in various industry applications.

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To balance the world.

Our CeramicSteel panels are crafted for ultimate design flexibility and durability, making them the quintessential component for architects and interior designers aiming to realize facades or interior spaces.

As infrastructure projects adapt to the dynamic demands of new construction and renovations, our panels represent a beacon of resilience and innovation. Demonstrated across a spectrum of projects-from the structural challenges of road tunnels, including the iconic Mersey Queensway Tunnel in the UK, to the distinctive retail facades in Malaysia and the enchanting visuals of theme parks in Florida and France-our panels have earned the trust of architects, designers, and builders globally.


Smooth and easy to clean

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Crafted with minimal environmental impact, aligning with our commitment to sustainability.


Resistant to scratches and wear, ensuring longevity and continuous appeal. It is engineered to withstand harsh environmental conditions.


Providing a sleek,
modern look that enhances
any design.


Our CeramicSteel panels are more than just architectural elements. They are also canvases for artists worldwide. With their unique surface quality, our panels allow for high-definition printing, transforming functional pieces into works of art that convey a story or define a brand identity.

Moreover, our panels are not limited to architectural marvels. They also enhance the user experience in educational facilities and transit systems. Our solutions are both durable and aesthetically pleasing, making them a perfect fit for any environment.

Educational Environments Reimagined

school corridor

Imagine classrooms and lecture halls infused with the vibrancy and resilience of CeramicSteel. These panels are utilized for their traditional roles as chalkboards or whiteboards and as functional elements of interior design, fostering environments that inspire learning and creativity.

Transformative Transit Spaces


CeramicSteel panels have revolutionized transit spaces, from bustling metro stations to serene airport lounges. Their resistance to wear and environmental elements makes them ideal for public signage, wayfinding, and large-scale murals, contributing to more precise navigation and a more enjoyable transit experience.

Collaborative & Commercial Areas


In the corporate world, our panels are more than mere surfaces; they become tools for collaboration and brand expression. From sleek, magnetic wall coverings to customizable workspaces, CeramicSteel enhances the functionality and aesthetics of modern offices.